Seminars and Workshops


A key goal of the Washington County Chamber is to offer educational opportunities for members that are local and affordable.

Throughout the year, a variety of workshops and seminars are scheduled and held at local venues.  Some are hosted by the Chamber and many are offered by partner organizations.   Members are sent information on these events directly (through regular mail and emails).  Details are also included on the online Calendar of Events.  Non-members are welcome (higher registration fees).  Please call or email for more details: (979) 836-3695,

Scheduled for 2016
January 27 - Marketing Resolutions for the New Year - Blinn College Conference Room
March 9 - 60 Ways to Grow Your List, Toni Harris - Blinn College Conference Room
April 27 - Administrative Professionals' Appreciation Luncheon - Blinn College Banquet Room
June 1 - Small Business Forum - Fireman's Training Center
July 19 - Digital Marketing Workshop - Blinn College Conference Room
August 3 - Education Update Forum - Blinn College Banquet Room
September 28 - Employment Law Seminar - Blinn College Conference Room
November 10 -  Top Tech Tools and Apps for Small Business - Chamber of Commerce Conference Room

Held in 2015...

January 7 - Demystifying Credit Reporting - Blinn College Meeting Rooms 2&3
April 22 - Administrative Assistant's Appreciation Luncheon - Blinn College Banquet Room
June 3 - Small Business Forum - Blinn College Banquet Room
July 1 - Legislative Wrap-up Forum - Blinn College Banquet Room
July 29 - Wise Up Wednesday - Chamber Conference Room
August 4 - Leaders in Education Forum - Blinn College Banquet Room
September 2 - Wildflowers and Prairies Luncheon
September 30 - Wise Up Wednesday - Chamber Conference Room
October 19 - Planning a Successful Event Campaign - Blinn College
December 2 - Leaders in Law Enforcement Forum - Washington County Fairgrounds Event Center


"Million Dollar Customer Service"
This is great three-hour session focusing on the customer/guest experience and how to provide the best possible customer service.  This training module is offered to Washington County Chamber members to hold directly on-site at their businesses (or arranged in an off-site venue).  The value of having your "front line" staff trained to provide excellent customer service is priceless!  Call to find out more details about how you can bring this training program to your employees.



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New On-Demand Education & Training Resources for Chamber Members!


The newly launched Coggno webshop and Business Academy are here for your continuing education on a variety of important topics for your staff training and professional development: team-building, leadership, motivation, etc.


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