Shop & Buy Local!

Many people do not realize the importance of keeping their hard-earned dollars in their own community. They don’t realize that by spending dollars outside of their community for goods and services that can be purchased here, they are supporting other communities’ police and fire departments, parks and recreation facilities, businesses, workforce, etc.  Because not only does buying local support businesses run by your FRIENDS and NEIGHBORS, the local sales tax generated is what funds a bulk of the local government services you enjoy in your daily life.


Use the "SEARCH FOR BUSINESSES" feature on this website to find businesses with products and services to meet all your needs.  Then click on the "HOT DEALS" feature to find special offers and discounts.


This Chamber represents the REGION, with great businesses in Brenham, Burton, Chappell Hill, Independence, Washington, Round Top, Bellville, Navasota, LaGrange, Bryan-CS, Somerville, etc. 

Go LOCO this summer!


The Chamber will be promoting a Buy Local Awareness campaign this summer to help boost local spending and sales tax receipts during this difficult time.  With the manufacturing crisis at Blue Bell, layoffs at area businesses, flooding at Lake Somerville and more, there are literally tens of thousands fewer people visiting our local shops, restaurants and attractions this summer.


Everyone in the community can help!  Go “loco” this summer for local businesses!  When you Shop and Buy Local, you are supporting your police and fire departments, parks, libraries, roads, schools and much more. Support your home town and keep your dollars local every chance you get!  Go “loco” this summer and make extra efforts to enjoy local shopping, dining and recreation!


All local retail businesses are being challenged to stay OPEN from 10am-7pm EVERY SATURDAY IN JULY leading up to the Hot Nights, Cool Tunes outdoor concerts.  Head out early to shop and stroll before the music begins!  SUNDAY hours will be 11am-4pm.


Then in August, plan to “Be a Tourist in Your Own Backyard!”  Enjoy grape stomps, swimming, lavender picking, historic sites and picnics.  Dine and shop! Businesses will be OPEN IN AUGUST EVERY SATURDAY from 10am-5pm and on SUNDAY from 11am-4pm.


Make extra efforts this summer to support local businesses.  Go LOCO!  Invite family and friends to town to join you!  Make it your summer “stay-cation!”


For details about everything you can enjoy, click on and see everything there is to SEE and DO in Washington County!


Check out the Calendar of Events and search for specific businesses you want to visit!


Note to Local Merchants:  place the FLYER below in your window if you will be offering a special discount or Hot Deal during July or August!

Buy Local?  Why Should I???



Here are the Top Ten reasons...


1.  By shopping locally, your dollars stay in your community to fund city and county operations such as roads and bridges, parks, library, police and fire departments and more!  Without sales tax dollars, YOUR property taxes would have to be higher to keep the same services you currently have.


2.  Local businesses give better support to YOUR community groups.  Non-profit/charity groups receive an average of 350% more donations from local businesses than they do from non-locally owned businesses.


3.  Local businesses make up the largest employer base, giving more jobs to YOU, YOUR family, and YOUR neighbors and friends.


4. YOU get more knowledgeable and friendlier customer service!  You get to know your local merchants, and they get to know YOU.


5. Spending $100 at a local independent business creates a ripple effect of $68 in additional local economic activity (compared to $43 from national chain stores).


6. Shopping locally saves YOUR gas and YOUR time!


7.  Local businesses preserve and enhance the social and cultural uniqueness of YOUR community. This makes it special for YOU and attractive for others to spend time and money here, generating additional economic opportunities!


8.  Shopping locally allows YOU to stay in better touch with YOUR neighbors and the local pulse of YOUR community.


9.  Locally-owned businesses are more likely to utilize local advertising, banks, insurance companies and other local professional services.


10.   Local businesses are less likely to use 800 #s or outside online service providers.  Local people = Local service!